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Wills and Estates

Signing Contract

How do we make sure we provide properly for our loved ones? Who will take care of our children if something happens to us? How do we make sure that our end of life wishes are carried out? These are questions that can be stressful and anxiety producing but are necessary to be addressed. A will is the best way to ensure that your property will be distributed in accordance with your wishes. A will also gives you the power to nominate a guardian and/or trustee for your minor children.


As your attorney, we can walk you through these questions and make sure you have your legal documents in order. This includes:

  • Meeting with you to discuss the best way to secure your assets and advising you as to what assets are covered by a will and which are not

  • Drafting a will in accordance with your wishes

  • Drafting, if you so choose, advance directives so if you are physically or mentally unable to make healthcare decisions, that care will still be administered in accordance with your wishes. 


What happens after a loved one passes?  How do I make sure that their assets are distributed properly? Dealing with the death of a loved one is hard enough emotionally without having to worry about how to take care of the distribution of their assets. 


As your attorney, we can assist you every step of the way until the conclusion of the process This includes:

  • Representing you in the probate of a will or the Administration of an Estate.  (Administration is what takes place if a person passes away without a will.)

  • Preparing the necessary documents to be submitted to the Court

  • Representing you in any court hearings 

  • Assisting you in collecting the assets, paying the debts, and distributing the assets once the will is probated or you are appointed as Administrator.  

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"After the death of my mother, I had to do something I thought I would never have to do and that’s hire a lawyer for her estate. Mrs. Weintraub Dashow was the best thing that happened to me. She was very understanding and patient. I believe she was my angel. There were times I wanted to give up but she helped me through it all. Mrs. Weintraub Dashow was very professional and things that she couldn't handle for me, she directed me in the right direction. If I still lived  in New York, she would definitely handle all my affairs. I have told family and friends that if they need a lawyer she is the one to turn to." --Linda    >>> Read more testimonials here. >>> 

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