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Sharon Weintraub Dashow 
Attorney at Law

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"As an artist, I have had barriers to securing legal assistance, some psychological and some financial. And when it came time to create a will, I knew that I needed a skillful lawyer and sought a referral from the NY Bar Association to find someone to do the job at a rate that I could actually afford. I was given Sharon Dashow’s name and went to meet her soon after. Sharon Dashow was a perfect fit. She articulated the legal issues surrounding the task in language that was accessible. She laid every part of the process out in that first visit and then patiently, skillfully, and with much clarity, drafted what would become the will that I would eventually sign. Sharon Dashow was so trustworthy to work with, directed me towards the information I needed to gather and so kind – I felt that she was protecting my interests and creatively helping me solve problems that I encountered along the way. And did I say patient??!! If I were helping me, I probably would have fired me as a client along the way. Over time she checked in and prodded me towards completion and when I was dragging my feet she nudged me over the finish line. Every step of the way, Sharon made sure that my will truly represented my wishes. I will use Sharon Dashow for all my legal matters and I most honestly couldn’t recommend her more highly." --Nancy B   >>> Read more testimonials here. >>>


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